How to Prepare Your Furnace Before Winter Season?

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How to Prepare Your Furnace Before Winter Season?

The trees’ leaves are changing colour and shedding off the tree, the morning chills and that pumpkin spice latte. As the winter onsets, it becomes mandatory to have your furnace ready.

Turn on the Thermostat

It is finally the time to shift your cooling to heating. Set your temperature a couple of degrees higher compared to the current weather. Turn on the thermostat in your house. Make sure that it works efficiently. If not, call up a professional and get it serviced before you end up in some big hefty trouble. It is advised to the homeowners to take good care of the thermostat.

Change Air Filters

Your HVAC Systems need to be well-maintained and serviced. It is better to clean the air filters and, if required, replace them with new ones. It would be great if you have permanent electrostatic filters, then you may wash them to reuse them. You can keep the unnecessary particulates out of the filters and keep the air circulation. It can prolong the life of the filter as well as the HVAC system. If you find that your system is not working, you can call up your professional and get your work done.

Clean the Heat Exchanger

As a homeowner, you should take care of your home’s HVAC systems and keep the heat exchanger clean- brushed and vacuumed. Make a regular schedule for the cleaning. You can call upon your nearby professional and get it repaired or cleaned. The heat exchanger in the house is one of the most important things you need to stay warm during the cold winter nights.

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