Aprilaire 201 Air Filter for Air Purifier Models 2200, 2250, Space-Gard 2200




  • Made in Wisconsin, USA
  • Fits Aprilaire Models: 2200, 2250, Space-Gard 2200.
  • Filter dimensions are 20″ H x 25″ L x 6″ W
  • Filters dust, pollen, and mold spores from the air entering your home.
  • Helps maintain performance of heating and cooling systems.
  • Rated MERV 10
  • Genuine Aprilaire Air Filter Replacement
  • Replace Air Filter annually for best air quality.

Air quality matters. That’s why you trust Aprilaire to keep your home environment safe for you and your family. This genuine Aprilaire 201 Air Filter Replacement is rated MERV 10. That means it makes the air in your home fresh and healthy so your family can breathe easy. Annual air filter replacements are a great way to keep your home and family protected. Aprilaire makes it easy to know what you’re breathing.

* Contaminates removed based on air passing through the filtering system.