What HVAC Problem Can Occur in Winter?


What HVAC Problem Can Occur in Winter?

Winters are here! And, so are your problems with the HVAC system are likely possible. It is best to be prepared beforehand. Whether you are looking for a solution for your residential, commercial, or industrial premises, Aire One East Heating & Cooling can cater to all.

The first thing you need to keep managed and check is your HVAC system. Several issues can occur as the winter onsets. After learning about the issues, the goal is to diagnose, repair, as well as install appliances as per requirement.

Let us explore the common problems with HVAC systems that can plague the homeowners.

Frozen Pipes

Winter gifts us with low temperature, and lower temperatures freeze u the pipes and coils. This, causes the system to not function properly and efficiently. Also, hydronic systems like steam radiators and heaters face difficulty in functioning as the temperature decreases. This is because the water in the pipe freezes and stops flowing. And, this can make a happy homeowner agitated. In such cases, it is advised to not take matters into your own hands. Instead, call up the professionals and let them handle the system for better and efficient functioning.

Uneven Air Flow & Temperature

It is quite natural for the system to fail and make one room colder than the other. And, it is more likely to become a real problem for everyone in the house. This is because there is an uneven flow of air and thus an uneven temperature in different rooms. Causes of such an issue can be a broken window or a crack or a hole- windows sills or doorways. Even after inspecting you find the problem to persist, then it is better to call up a technician and look for other reasons for the uneven temperature and airflow.

If you are looking for a professional to help you deal with your HVAC system related problems or problems that any of your systems faces during winters, reach out to Air One East Heating & Cooling today.